Autumn holidays: grandmothers, games and knights

In the autumn holidays there’s much to do at the Muiderslot castle! It’s from the 20th till the 28th of October 2018 and the castle will be full of activities. Due to the theme year ‘powerful woman’, grandmothers will have free entrance when they are accompanied by a grandchild who pays full entrance (1 grandmother per child). And there’s a lot to do in the castle, for example games from grandmother’s time. Or if granny prefers some art and history she can visit our exhibition ‘Armed with beauty’.

Woman of steel and knights in iron
During the last weekend of this holidays (27 and 28 October 2018) there will be some very special guests in our castle. Four mighty women will show the visitors that women can and could be quite powerful. They will take you back in time to the world of power women in former days. And there will be real knights too (‘De Ridders van de IJssel’) who will show you how they fight for the hand of the ladies.

Amsterdam’s birthday
On the 27th of October there will be a birthday party as well! This day is the 743th birthday of our capital city Amsterdam. We will surely celebrate the fact that Count Floris V then signed the first document that showed the name ‘Amstelredamme’ (later to be called Amsterdam). Count Floris V also built the Muiderslot Castle. A good moment to tell our visitors some history about the bond between Muiderslot Castle and the city of Amsterdam.