Castle garden in bloom

April 8 until September 1, 2019

Between the 8th of April and the 1st of September of 2019 visitors of Rijksmuseum Muiderslot will learn more about the historic gardens surrounding the castle. The fortifications around the Muiderslot are part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Volunteers and holy beans
Around the Muiderslot lay unique gardens that were first laid out in the 17th century. With the yield from the gardens, the most delicious meals have been prepared for centuries in the castle. And still the gardens produce a rich harvest every year. The gardens are lovingly and expertly cared for by dozens of volunteers. From Monday to Saturday, they are happy to give curious visitors explanations. What do holy beans look like? Are there really black tomatoes? What is the bleaching of vegetables? Which medicinal properties do herbs have? Come along, ask your questions and learn the ins and outs of 17th century gardening.

Activities for young and old
Between 8 April and 1 September 2019 many activities will take place in or around the castle gardens. Fun for young and old! Please check out the agenda on the homepage of this website.

Portrait photos and film
There is also work by contemporary artists. For example, Roderik Rotting recently portrayed all flower volunteers of the Muiderslot. This group decorates the museum rooms with flowers, branches, leaves, herbs and fruits from the castle gardens. All decorations are based on 17th-century floral art. Rotting photographed the volunteers during their work. He also made a silent film about the gardens of the Muiderslot. Both the photo portraits and the film will be shown in the spring and summer of 2019 in the castle garden and near the casemate. Rotting will also expand the series of portraits with photos of all garden volunteers.