Flowers as a source of inspiration

until 12 May 2019

Muiderslot meets Bas Meeuws

Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot is surrounded by magnificent gardens that were originally laid out in the 17th century. For centuries the proceeds from the gardens were used to make the most delicious meals in the castle’s kitchen. And every year the gardens continue to produce a bountiful harvest of vegetables, fruit, herbs, plants and …. flowers.

Flowers as a source of inspiration
Artist Bas Meeuws recently made a photographic record of the passing of the four seasons in the gardens of Rijksmuseum Muiderslot. He has now distilled that series of photographs into a unique floral still life entitled ‘The sweet spring in wintertime’ (see photo). This contemporary photographic still life of flowers conveys the scents and colours of the castle’s gardens throughout the seasons. The highly symbolic work was inspired by the still life paintings of flowers in the Dutch Golden Age and is filled with references to the castle’s rich history. Meeuws has also created a second still life for the Muiderslot castle: Untitled #146.  As from 22 December 2018, both works will be on display together with a selection of other floral still lifes by Bas Meeuws along the Muiderslot’s Golden Age rooms.

Green inside the castle
The rooms inside the castle where Bas Meeuws’ work is on display have been decorated for 20 years (!)   by a dedicated team of volunteers known as the Muzen. As long as the gardens are in bloom, they  gather flowers, branches, leaves, herbs and fruit from the castle’s gardens to create the decorations based on the art of flower arrangement in the 17th century.

Gardens and volunteers in the spotlight
In the spring and summer of 2019, Muiderslot castle will be shining a spotlight on the castle gardens and the numerous volunteers who help to keep them beautiful. After all, Muiderslot castle would not be Muiderslot castle without the tireless efforts and enormous skill of the volunteers who maintain the gardens and create the floral decorations.

Before your visit, please check out all practical information about opening hours, entrance fees etc.


‘Flowers as a source of inspiration’ is financially supported by the Mondriaan Fund, the public cultural funding organisation focusing on visual arts and cultural heritage.