Valentine’s night: eroticism in the Golden Age

Tempting femininity and eroticism on the evening of Valentine’s Day

On the evening of February 14, 2018 the bedroom secrets of our ancestors will be revealed at the Muiderslot in special guided tours. This year with an extra feminine touch because of the theme of the year 2018: Strong Women.

Eroticism in the Golden Age

Eroticism; this word excites us, there is a certain expectation, it moves us , it stimulates our imagination. By eroticism we mean everything that relates to love life: from desire and love to lust. Eroticism arouses desire and makes people curious.Those who lived in the 17th century were certainly not puritanical. How love and eroticism in those days looked like, how women in the Dutch Golden Age used to play with fashion, make-up and decoration and what happened behind the curtains of the box bed is explained on February 14, 2018 by candlelight in a guided tour about Eroticism in the Golden Age.

Love potions and the Hearts route

The rest of the castle will also be open this evening. Love potions are served in our intimate tavern. Especially for Valentine, a sugar heart route has been set out in the dark knight route, for those who want getting to know the castle and each other better…