Water as friend and foe

Waterschild groep 850 breed

Muiderslot is one of the oldest moated castles in the Netherlands. In recent times, the castle with its fortifications has been a cornerstone of four water defence lines: the Utrecht Waterline, the Old and New Waterline and the Defence Line of Amsterdam (Stelling van Amsterdam, a UNESCO World Heritage site). The Water Shield pavilion was built to illustrate this aspect of the castle’s history. The largely sunken pavilion, which is a combination of an exhibition space and a venue for receptions, is adjacent to the plum garden behind the castle. The roof is shaped like a partially tilted shield, a reference to Floris V. Descend underground and find out all there is to know about the history of Muiderslot’s relationship with water. Was the water a friend or a foe? Watch the animated film and then decide: will I step through the water installation or not?