The Middle Ages

Harnas 850x500
Muiderslot is a perfect example of a Dutch fort. The collections of armour, weapons and utensils bring the thirteenth-century to life.

Florian 420x420

Saint Florian, linden wood with polychrome, late 15th century
The early medieval Florian died as a martyr for his Christian faith. As a military commander in the late-Roman Empire, he was a model of chivalric virtues. Count Floris van Holland was also named after this saint.

Harnas 420x420

Armour, mid-16th century
Suits of armour consisting of chest and back plates with a neck piece, shoulder protectors and two knee protectors. There are two gauntlets for the hands. The armour also includes a burgonet, consisting of a helmet and a flange to protect the neck. The double visor is hinged and has holes for ventilation around the cheeks and the mouth.

Vijzel 420x420

Cast-iron mortar, 1499
This fifteenth-century cast-iron mortar is one of the oldest items in the Muiderslot collection. The text across the centre is decorated with lilies and reads Ihesus maria iohannes aano diu m cccc xcviii.