A Christmas Carol


Christmas tale by the English actor Ashley Ramsden in the Knight’s Hall at Muiderslot.

Ashley Ramsden returns with this classical Christmas tale by Charles Dickens. He performs the story single handed and it shows his formidable talents as a story-teller and actor. The programme embraces the original masterpiece, transporting audiences back to Victorian England and conjuring up the sinister back alleys, cobblestone streets, and ghostly apparitions that are the story’s hallmarks.
This performance has become a tradition in the STET December programme. Thousands have already enjoyed this lovely story of all times. Audiences, Dutch and non-Dutch alike, listened mesmerized to the story that is still relevant today in a world where there is a gulf in the distribution of wealth, influence and knowledge.

When: Wednesday the 20th of December 2017
Start: 1st performance: 17.00
Start: 2nd performance: 20.00 (Sold out!)

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Entrance: 25,00 euro
Students: 15,00 euro