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Education programme for primary and secondary schools

We offer a varied educational programme devoted to the culture and heritage of the Middle Ages and the 17th and 19th centuries. Students learn mainly by discovering things for themselves. They also learn about the life on a castle in former times. And of the two main residents of the castle: Count Floris V, for whom the castle was originally built, and the seventeenth-century writer Pieter Cornelisz. Hooft.

Basic programme

The basic programme consists of a visit to the castle (with a quest for children up to 12 years), the Falconer, the Water Shield and the Gardens. For secondary schools a special programme will be availble as from June 2019. Untill then we recommend a guided tour.
With the visit to the Falconer, the students will be able to see the birds of prey from close by and watch them in flight. In the Water Shield, they can watch a short animated film about the history of the castle’s relationship with water as both a friend and a foe. In the historic gardens, they can see the types of plants, flowers, herbs and (forgotten) vegetables that people used to grow in former times.

Practical information

Muiderslot is open for school trips:
1 April – 1 November 2019: Monday to Friday 10 – 17 hours
From 1 November 2019: Tuesday to Friday 10 – 17 hours

The basic programme for primary schools lasts approximately 2,5 hours. The price is € 6.50 per student/supervisor, including a quest (for children up to 12 years) and a knight’s medal. The programme is given in English for international schools. The entrance fee for secondary schools is € 8.00 per student/supervisor.

Book your school visit

We require one supervisor for each group of 8 students (primary schools) or 12 students (secondary schools).
For further details or to arrange your own specific programme, please contact us.