For children

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There is plenty for children to do at Muiderslot! See for yourself.

Exciting treasure hunts

Follow the exciting Tower route and defend the castle against the enemy. On the Knight’s route, you can dress up as a knight or a noble lady. Complete all the assignments and you will be knighted and receive an authentic Muiderslot knight’s medal. Alternatively, you can go exploring on the Waterschild path to the Water Shield pavilion. Will you dare to step through the water installation?


Visit the falconer in his tent on the Bastion and watch the magnificent birds of prey from up close. From 1 April to 31 October. Read more about the falconer.

Family tour

The famous author and poet P.C. Hooft lived with his family at Muiderslot during the Golden Age. Would you like to learn more about what it was like to be a child living in the castle at that time? Every Wednesday afternoon there are special tours for families from 13.00 (from April to October). Join our guide for a walking tour through the magnificent rooms and learn all about it. And at the same time discover the origin of many of the sayings we use today.

Family activities

During the school holidays there is special entertainment for children.

School project

If you would like to do a project or make a presentation in class about Muiderslot, Floris V or P. C. Hooft, read the fact sheet and follow the treasure hunt on the Knight’s route or the Tower route.

Children’s parties

How about celebrating your own party as a knight or a noble lady in a real castle? Invite all your friends! See our list of arrangements for children’s parties.