Museumcard, ICOMFree
I amsterdam city cardFree
Stadspas AmsterdamFree
Amsterdam PassFree
Adults€ 15,50
Children 4 - 11 years€ 9,00
Children 0 - 3 yearsFree
CJP, Culture card€ 8,00
Holland Pass discount card€ 11,60
Children's quest€ 2,00
Muiderslot booklet€ 2,50

The Golden Age tour is included in the admission price. We accept Holland Pass vouchers. You can pay with bank card or credit card (Mastercard or Visa). We only accept foreign bank cards that use Maestro and V Paycards.

Avoid the queues. Buy an e-ticket!

On our website you can buy an e-ticket for a particular day and immediately book a guided tour. If you don’t have a specific date for the visit, you can buy an e-ticket that is valid for a year.


We have special rates for schools. See the Education page.


Would you like to visit Muiderslot with a group? See our special prices for groups.