Golden Age tour

Rondleiding Gouden Eeuw 850 breed

Let us take you back in time to the seventeenth century, the age of Muiderslot’s most famous resident, the writer, poet and historian P.C. Hooft. The tour of the rooms will give you a clear impression of the life of a castle’s occupants during the Golden Age as you view their paintings and the furniture and utensils they used.

As you wander through the living room, the bedroom, the Bishop’s Room, the Castle Kitchen, the Knight’s Hall and the Prince’s Room, the guide will tell you all about the culture, customs and habits of the Golden Age.

The rooms can only be visited on a guided tour, which is included in the price of admission. The tour lasts 30 minutes and is suitable for children from the age of six. On wednesday afternoon from 13.00 are special family tours.