Medieval Knight’s route

Who was Count Floris V? Follow the Knight’s route and discover the answers for yourself! Start by climbing the castle’s highest tower, the West Tower. The 83 steps take you to the Floris room and from there into the rafters of the tower. How would you like to be a knight or a noble lady? In the Kemenade, you can dress up as one or stand behind one of the beautiful fifteenth-century costumes and have your photo taken as Floris V or a noble lady.

In the Armoury, you will find genuine suits of armour, coats of mail, swords and halberds. Discover for yourself just how heavy a sword was. And then take part in the exciting Medieval Tournament Game. When you have completed all the tasks, you will be knighted and receive Floris V’s original knight’s medal!

Guide book

Copies of the guide book for the Tower and Knight’s routes can bought at the ticket office and museumshop (€ 2,- including the knight’s medal).