Photo and film location

Filmopnamen B 850 breed

Location for business photos and films

Regularly Muiderslot Castle is being used as a location for film and photo shoots. More information about location fees and capacity of the museum rooms can be found in this overview. For more information and availability please contact or call (+31) 0294 – 256262.


Droneflights above the Muiderslot Castle are not allowed.

Photo shoot wedding couple

A photo shoot for a wedding couple is allowed in the gardens of Muiderslot Castle during opening hours up to 16.00 PM (the museum closes at 17.00 PM). Just buy valid tickets for everyone who wants to enter the premises. Wedding photography inside the castle is NOT allowed. This in connection with the risk of bringing damage to museum objects and the privacy of other visitors. Any damage that you may cause to museum objects or the building will be recovered from you.